There’s No Grey in America

Let me begin by stating that I acknowledge that Black people have suffered for generations. The inequality that founded America exists today in numerous forms even though slavery has been abolished for generations. I acknowledge that society needs to change. I could write books, essays, and epics about the myriad ways racism is prevalent in every corner of society, but all of that can be summed up in once sentence: There’s no grey in America.

The United States is Black or White and there doesn’t seem to be an in-between. Back in 1991, I was a naive teenager who didn’t know a lot about racial tension and oppression. Where would I get the education from when North American schools hardly touched the matter? Why was education about slavery and racial oppression taught about only in the past tense? The reason is simple: To educate is to implicate.  Anyway, Michael Jackson was singing “Black or White” and those of us that believed that it really didn’t matter if you’re Black or White were living on the other side of the fence, it would seem. This song came out one year before the Rodney King riots in L.A. and long before Baltimore and Ferguson. History Repeats Itself. Why? The same scenario has been played out again and again in American history with little change…..again, why?

Ronda's IPhone 06.15 1088

Well, that’s complicated. Even reciting dates and events seems to dredge up ill feelings and anger, on both ends. This topic almost seems too big to even begin to tackle, but I think that to understand what Black people were up against you have to understand the level of oppression they have endured and still endure. Black people were up against incredible odds just to get an education beyond high school as late as the ’60’s. They were racially segregated from the rest of modern society, much like my people, the Native people. The first Black university student in Mississippi was finally allowed to enroll in 1962! That’s barely a generation ago….it’s in living memory! That is not only morally wrong, but it’s shameful and disgusting! Is it any wonder the Civil Rights Movement arose? I think that it should have happened much sooner, so what prevented that?


It’s no secret that European people conquered and colonized North America. The brutal way Europeans accomplished this has been “whitewashed”; softened so that the myths of the melting pot and multiculturalism could be propagated and the sins of the past could be exonerated because somewhere along the way the Europeans “allowed” those they conquered and enslaved to participate in polite society, or so they chose to believe. The important thing here is that racial oppression only seems to be viewed as “in the past” and that past was never reconciled with the present. Not then, and not now. The breach is wide and many Black people have tried to cross only to discover that the other will only allow them to participate, but never truly belong. What will change hateful minds of the people who still stigmatize Black people in the most dehumanizing ways, such as calling them animals? It’s obvious their parents haven’t. It’s obvious theirs schools haven’t and it’s obvious their politicians and religious leaders are not doing enough to. It’s time to practice what we preach. We say we value love for our brother and treasure freedom and equality, but it’s time to live out those ideals. How?

Martin Luther King Jr. preached peace. He lived peace and he died violently. It must have been such a dark time and it likely seemed that all of the dreams of a peaceful and racially united America seemed to die right alongside of him. Some say it was a conspiracy, some say it was planned to keep the Black man down. Any rational and impartial person would question why the FBI insisted on massive amounts of tax dollars and manpower to put in place an almost decade long surveillance of a peaceful man. It’s hard to digest why this gentle man would be so scary to the powers that be? What exactly was so frightening about empowerment? The answer is simple: there is a status quo and it’s painfully obvious that that status quo was to be maintained at all costs, including lives. There’s no grey in America.

The rise of the Black Panthers  came right in the middle of the Civil Rights movement. The tone was different, and the means were different too. Where King encouraged and motivated, the Panthers acted. The rise of the Panthers was in response to an awakening social consciousness among black society. It was revolutionary and it was led by powerful individuals like Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., Stokely Carmichael, and Huey Newton. Once that candle was lit the unstoppable fire spread throughout the whole nation using the words “Black Power” as a means to build up the tattered and abused psyche of Black America. It was a meant to empower. Social change was coming, until Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination. This blow left a void in the heart of the movement, but it was the FBI creating COINTELPRO and the killing of Fred Hampton by police that likely finished it off, but only for that moment in time. After a stand-off with Police in L.A. at their offices, one Panther described why he was there and what drove him:

“I felt absolutely free. I was a free Negro, you understand?” he said. “I was making my own rules. I was the king of my domain. You couldn’t get in. I couldn’t get out. But in my space I was the king.”

Wayne Pharr – PBS Documentary “The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution”



Let’s get one thing straight here, you cannot encourage social change by encouraging anarchy. It won’t work. Stigmatizing the other in reaction to their oppression of you will not work. You can’t change an opponents mind with negative rhetoric. You change minds with positive action  You educate your children. You build up their self-image. You vote for politicians that have your voice in mind. You join school boards, church boards, community groups, and little leagues. The tide cannot be turned in one day. Armed revolution is not the answer. The pen is mightier than the sword.

“If you are going to deal with the issues that affect you,” (Courtland) Cox says today, fifty years on, “you got to figure out how to stop making demands, but making decisions.” For him that remains the legacy of the march from Selma to Montgomery: not the pageantry or symbolic glory of the scene, but the responsibilities it afforded. “You can’t keep asking people who you say oppress you to deal with the nature of your oppression,” he says. “At the end of the day you have to deal with it.”

From Selma to Black Power – Benjamin Hedin


In conclusion I want to tell a personal story. It happened almost two years ago and has haunted me ever since:

It was the middle of March 2015,  and we were on our way to NYC from Saint Louis via Tulsa.We stopped for the night at a Super 8 in Conway, AK. My husband Shane went to the Wal-Mart next door to take money from the bank machine to pay for our pizza. He was taking quite a long time, and I was concerned the pizza would be there before he was back with the cash, so I decided to go down to the lobby to see if I could see him anywhere. I found him a few minutes later and he told me the pizza guy was right behind him so I should go on up to the room as he needed to speak to the front desk attendant.

I hurried up the stairs with my three year old, and we almost collided with someone at the top. I rounded the corner and at the last second pulled my daughter out of the way or she would have been caught between me and the person rounding the corner to come down the stairs. Being Canadian I automatically said sorry, and then I looked up into the face of an older black gentleman who had the most horrified look on his face. He said, “I’m sorry miss, so sorry.” I said it was ok and I was going to continue on my way, but he stood in front of me and he kept apologizing. I was confused and I repeated it was ok, but then he did something that shocked and horrified me. He actually BOWED to me, and to my daughter especially, repeating he was sorry. It was in that moment I could see he was truly terrified……of me and a three year old girl!!! I was sickened. I touched his arm, looked him in the eye, and said, “sir, it’s ok, really. We are fine!” Then I walked away.

Back at my room I felt stuck in that moment. It left me feeling like I couldn’t breathe. I could hardly eat the pizza I was looking forward to only minutes before. I kept thinking of the racial divide that seems to exacerbate the moment we cross the border into the states. I kept thinking of how frightening and awful it was to spend the afternoon in St. Louis, with Ferguson so near and all of the tension and turmoil all around us at that very moment!! It was in every store, restaurant, hotel, and travel center we visited. The indignities black people have suffered was revealed and personified in one excruciatingly  desperate moment. Tell me why we live in a world where an elderly black man, living in the south, is still afraid.


Canada: The Skeletons in Our Closet

A ten year old Native child is dead by suicide. Let the grim reality of that statement sink in for a moment.

In what universe and on what planet is this normal? Where is this ok? Not in Syria. Not in North Korea, nor is it acceptable in Pakistan, but apparently it is in Canada. I hear no outcry. There is overwhelming……indifference. Deafening silence from the general Canadian public regarding Native issues. I don’t blame them; how could I blame them when it has been the government and the media that taught them systematic racism from birth? It permeates every aspect of Canadian society and it’s covered over like a landfill. Putrid. Acrid. Disgusting.

I could argue all day about how this type of hopelessness and misery has taken root within Native Canadians’ hearts. I could educate you on why you grew up believing the myth that is Canadian “history”. I could enlighten you about genocide, a murky past filled with the bodies of Native children, killed intentionally, and unintentionally by those who founded “Canada” in the name of  “civilization“. I won’t. I want you to look it all up. The ugly truth of it all is hiding in plain sight. It’s available for the masses; go find it!!



Misinformation, Innuendo, and Side-Stepping

It’s almost impossible to write about another shooting in the United States. It’s so hard not to feel almost removed and desensitized to the whole mess. This time it was in San Bernardino on Wednesday December 3, 2015. Fourteen people were killed and seventeen were wounded. In response to the overwhelming reality of another shooting PBS published a map of all of the mass shootings in the United States in 2015. There are 355 just this year alone! President Obama addressed the San Bernardino shooting saying,  “a pattern now of mass shooting in this country that has no parallel anywhere else in the world.”

The most disturbing part of it all is that so many of these shootings have been carried out by devout Muslims, but the media, the president, and so many others will NOT refer to it as terrorism! The latest one was perpetrated by a couple got married a year ago and just had a baby. He worked for the city. Normal right? Not when you look beneath the surface. Syed Rizwan Farook

was said to have travelled to Saudi Arabia in 2014 and returned with a new wife, Malik, whom he had met online. Malik is a citizen of Pakistan who was in America on a K-1 visa, according to the FBI.

Ok, so many people from Middle Eastern cultures prefer arranged marriage, so what? Well, apparently Farook was also consorting with known terrorists at some point in the last year. Also, according to police, he had a large arsenal of weaponry including 12 pipe bombs and 8000 rounds of ammunition indicating this shooting required much forethought and planning. Three of his explosives failed to detonate which would have upped his casualties considerably. From the amount of ammunition and unused materials it was clear they planned more carnage. STILL the media and the president maintained that the motive for the San Bernnardino Shooting was unclear and the authorities were currently looking for an explanation. Really??  Would you like a magnifying glass for that sir?

FINALLY, one day after the massacre the media and others finally get around to calling it terrorism. Why not earlier? This possible explanation was only conceded more than 24 hours later, and with many reports of Farook being a devout Muslim who recently visited the Middle East AND was in contacts with known terrorists. I mean, the public was not going to be fooled by the old “Workplace Violence” explanation with this one so why not just call a spade a spade? Where is the harm in telling the truth? What could be worse than what is already happening? What is this delusion that has covered the eyes of America? Why is it so hard to identify a terrorist as a terrorist?

North America clearly does not understand Islam. Western culture does not understand the deeply religious and the honour status given to those who give their lives in order to wage Jihad. How do you fight with someone who seems so normal, then flips the switch and becomes a killer? CAIR was busy doing major damage control with a press conference to address why Islam is not the problem because it’s a peaceful religion, blah, blah, blah. Right. So why are so many devout Muslims, normal seeming people who paid their bills and had babies suddenly picking up a gun and killing random people? Why is CAIR and other agencies running around accusing anyone who asks these questions of being Islamophobic? After France (TWICE!), UCC, Fort Hood, 911, and Boston are so many people unwilling to believe that there exists a whole network of Muslims who answer to the command of some higher up religious figure or political figure and will in the space of days or weeks commit Jihad? The bodies are piling up and people continue to stick their heads in the sand? Why?

The video below shows what is in store for America. It’s not nice, it’s not peaceful, and it’s completely real. I am not encouraging hate, but I am encouraging knowledge. I am not prescribing violence or bigotry, but I am advising watchfulness. I am not spreading paranoia, but I am spreading awareness.


ISIS: A World Wide Threat

I’m going to make this short and sweet. I re-posted an article on Facebook that warned about a terrorist group targeting West Edmonton Mall, Alberta, Canada. I clicked on the CBC article, noted the date, and read it before posting it.


Someone pointed out that it was from last year and it began an entire debate about why ISIS Terrorism is not a threat in Canada, to which I wholeheartedly disagree.

First let’s go back to February of this year, one short month after the Massacre at the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris, France. ISIS puts out a video promising “Fresh Attacks” in France and that their nightmare had only begun. Later this year, in July, ISIS once again released a video threatening to “fill the streets of Paris with dead bodies”. This time the masked man shoots a prisoner in the head and kicks him off a cliff in Syria.

For a few months France was undecided as how to retaliate for the terror caused by ISIS, but then in September French President Francois Hollande began his bombing campaign in Syria. Are we to believe that ISIS was just going to give up and go home? I don’t think so. They are a terrorist organization and how does a terrorist organization work? By terror of course! They repeatedly warned the world that they had operatives in the US and in France ready to wage Jihad on those who dared bomb Syria.

On Friday morning we woke up to the news that Jihadi John had been killed in a US-led airstrike at an ISIS stronghold in Syria. My first reaction was elation! This terrorist has enjoyed killing so many innocent people. Then came an ominous feeling. It felt like the calm before the storm. Now, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that that ISIS is going to be very upset that their “star terrorist” was cut down in front of the world in such a brutal way so is it any surprise that the #ParisAttacks happened one day later, and so ironically on Friday the thirteenth. An irony much like 9-11 perhaps?

Ok, so who else has been dabbling in Syria? I’ve uploaded a video that spells out exactly who has been participating in airstrikes against ISIS in Syria. Guess who is one of them? That’s right, Canada! Canada’s campaign began in April of 2015 against ISIS, well before the threats against the west made in July of this year. Now, just because we have a brand new prime minister who has agreed to end the Syrian campaign, do you think ISIS has forgotten somehow about that threat? I don’t think so. They don’t care about Justin Trudeau’s promises. They care about any perceived threat towards their goal of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant! That’s what they care about and I’m pretty sure they’re not going to just forgive and forget that Canada was there at all, do you? Do you think they can just live in peace and all be friends? No, you’re in fantasy land if that’s what you hope. They sure didn’t forget about France now did they? Justin Trudeau is quite wrong to take a step back now that the Paris Attacks, and the downing of the Russian passenger jet on October 31, another irony since it was Halloween! No-one is even mentioning these twisted ironies.

Anyway, what has this to do with the Syrian refugees that Justin Trudeau promised to take in? Well, it shouldn’t have a lot to do with them, but sadly it does. Doesn’t it strike anyone else as odd that the entire world ignored Syrian refugees until a few months ago? You couldn’t get the West to care about what was going on in Syria. Amidst the so called “Arab Spring” a civil war broke out in Syria. Other states fractured and became weaker (arguably) facilitating the rise of ISIS. Muslim countries simply refuse to take in Syrian Refugees because they perceive them as a “security risk” so why the constant bashing of Western nations for the same view, especially when, in June of this year, ISIS was preventing so many from even leaving Syria? By September though, a whole new angle emerged when the Syrian boy drowned in September. It was then the entire world began watching, and it was then that the boy’s father blamed Canada! It may not be, but this new angle on this crisis seems almost contrived.

Since ISIS began it’s slashing and trashing dominance in the Middle East almost two years ago they have become quite adept at terrorism and stealth. They have been so successful in stealth strategy that almost no-one even believed they were capable of bringing down a Russian airliner even though they took credit for it!! They are now claiming that they have infiltrated western nations through the Syrian Refugee Crisis, and judging by their previous (now so very true claims) I believe that we should believe them, don’t you?

If you don’t think that Canada might be a target, think again. CBC published an article dated November 15, in which Wesely Wark (a security expert and professor at the University of Ottawa) warns,

“Civilian soft targets are the ultimate symbolic targets. In the minds of ISIS and related jihadist groups, the objective is to sow sufficient fear and discord through terror attacks that countries will lose the will to fight back.”

It sure sounds like Canada is still a target. I sure know that the United States is! ISIS released yet another video today (November 17) detailing their plans to hit Western targets, but predicting exactly where that will be is proving to be very difficult. CIA Director John Brennan explains why it is so hard to predict ISIS’s next move.

Operatives are adapting to keep their activities concealed from the authorities. “There are a lot of technological capabilities that are available right now that make it exceptionally difficult, both technically as well as legally, for intelligence and security services to have the insight they need to uncover it,” he said.

I am not writing to instill fear into anyone, that’s what the terrorists want. I am writing to raise awareness. Be aware, but not afraid. Be watchful, but not paranoid. Stop sending pictures of cats for one day and start caring about the radical way our world is changing right before our very eyes!

The Cost of Impaired Driving

When my husband Shane is away on a trip I get nervous, mainly because I have PTSD, also because four of my family members were killed by a drunk driver, and mostly because I am not in control of what could happen.
If he promises to call, but hours pass and I should have heard from him by now, I automatically think “he’s dead”. For however long it takes to hear from him I imagine the police coming to my door, or a call from his work since he would be in the U.S. more often than not. I imagine the next few days, and how hellish, empty, and hard they will be. I try to prepare myself for that horrible moment I never want to experience again. Most of all, I wonder what I will do without him for the rest of my life?
This happens EVERY SINGLE TIME. I can’t help it. I can’t stop it. It’s like I am living in a perpetual state of trauma and I have TRIED to pray it away, wish it away, “positive thinking” it away, but it remains.
Normal life is a dim memory. It was a decade ago. Like it or not this is my new reality. It took him years to learn me; years to fully understand my pain. This is not something he should have had to deal with. This is not something anyone should have to deal with, and for what?
Drinking and driving doesn’t just leave you without a licence, a job, or maybe a marriage. It doesn’t just kill relationships or other people’s loved ones in some “accident” (I HATE that word because to me it’s NOT an accident if you make the decision to drive drunk!). It doesn’t just leave a scar from the traumatic ripping away of another human being’s life in one tragic, unstoppable instant. It scars those you indirectly hurt by taking away their loved ones. Sometimes it leaves them bleeding for years and years. Sometimes it ruins the lives of the First Responders who didn’t want to go into work that day and see dead children, but you left them with no choice.
That choice belongs to you.

Ronda's IPhone 06.15 1088

American Civil War, Part II?

I am tired of the hate, aren’t you? More than that though, I am tired of the justification for hate put forth by so many people out there. They lay blame on others for their hate. They use wrongs against them as an excuse for their hate. They hide behind that hate like a fortress, and do not even give the other side a chance. The truth is: there is no good reason or excuse for hate. Not now, and not ever!FB Racism

What good is that gun going to do you when you are in jail? When you bury someone you love? When you have to live with the fact that you have taken a life? What good will that gun do you if you’re the one lying there with a gunshot wound, bleeding, still clutching your gun probably. Will it save you?

FB Racism 2
Pillaging, violence, destruction, madness, anger, disorder and hatred. These are not useful measures when you want to stand up and be heard. Like the old saying goes: “You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar”. RACISM2

Do you think the old time Civil Rights pioneers would be proud of you? Black Power? Really? What is that, & why power? Why not Freedom and equality? Those pioneers of Civil Rights like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr.? They stood there with a strong sense of conviction, faith, and dignity. They did not advocate violence. They did not fight hate with hate. That’s not the way. RACISM7

They would not be proud of you today, all you who shout “Black Power” and call for murder. As a matter of fact you are undoing so much of the ground they gained. You’re undoing all of the tears, the blood, and the hardship suffered for the gains made.
RACISM11As for the whites who seem to think they are more superior that everyone else: What magical quality do you possess that makes you so superior? Is it the accomplishments of your ancestors? The colour (or rather, lack of colour) in your skin? Just what is it exactly? I mean, how dare you believe you are better than I am, especially when the gene for light skin was a mutation to begin with? Is the fact that your ancestors dominated others by enslaving others, pushing them aside, resorting to genocide something to be proud of? Would that the punishment fit the crime, but it’s a bit too late for that; it’s considered in the past, yet hate continues. Disgusting groups like the Ku Klux Klan prove that it does indeed. I never understood how a group that spelled clan wrong went so far, but I digress. RACISM12

Why can’t people just put away the hate and realize that when it all comes down to the bare bones of existence and survival we are all the same? The term civilization is a myth. We are not civilized. We fight. We war. We hate. We dominate one another. That is not civilized. Cultures evolved. Technology advanced, but we are still primitive at heart. What we need to do is rise above that and stop letting the past carry on into the present. Stop teaching children hate. It’s possible.

Election Thoughts 

I’ve been thinking about the election and I just DON’T KNOW! Canada is famous for apathy, for wish-washy indecisiveness covered in sorry. Nowhere is that better reflected than in the lackluster choices of candidate for prime minister. The whole sorry mess brings to mind that old movie “Brewster’s Millions”. In that film Richard Pryor ran for office with the campaign slogan ‘None of the Above”. The idea was that no-one would win because all of the choices were unacceptable. Kind of like now.

While that seems like an appealing choice, it’s clearly not practical. Instead  I propose we all vote for any independent available. The longest shot. The underdog. We might not prevent one of the big three winning the election, but we can make sure there is nothing close to a majority, and to me, that seems like the safest bet thus far.

Terrorism: Calling a Spade a Spade

Jihad is a deadly serious thing for the Muslim. In our secular society we just cannot grasp the fervor, the fanaticism, the all-consuming dedication to a religious concept that will lead to death. In this materialistic and self-serving western culture of ours it is unthinkable that someone could believe in something that would require that kind of sacrifice. Here is the thing: we should be thinking about it. We should be pondering it and taking it very, very seriously.

Perhaps we have become too desensitized to hear the sincerity in their voices when these jihadists call for the death of people in western civilization, and if so, then why are we turning a deaf ear toward the cries of “Jihad” and “lone wolf attack?” Maybe we think it can’t or won’t happen to us, and if so, do you really believe that? Honestly? You mean to tell me that if you were faced with a fanatical person bent on killing infidels (that’s YOU), even to his own death, that you would somehow be overlooked? Spared? If you believe that you’re sadly delusional, my friend. They want to kill you, me, your mom, your college professor, and all the people at the mall. Everyone.

Take all of the recent attacks on the U.S. military and police. Do you suppose they are random? I can assure you they are not. I mean, wouldn’t it be easier to attack people on the street? Regular people like a mom pushing a baby carriage, an old man crossing a street, or a construction worker? Wouldn’t that take a lot less effort? Well, yes, but it would not serve their main objective. You might ask, “and that is?”…..Can I enlighten you as to what their real motive is?

Ok, if you attack law enforcement, those charged with keeping the peace or ensuring the citizens of a country remain safe, and if you can succeed in killing during those attacks, then two things happen. One, by attacking police and military you instill fear in the general population. That fear then undermines the authority granted those people by your government, thus undermining your governments’ authority, and your trust in that. Two, it plants fear in the members of the military (or police), then doubt, in each other, and in the safety of their surroundings. That would then weaken morale and if it continues, then it would weaken the entire system. That folks, is terrorism, and it’s working. Wake up.

Compounding the problem is politicians who are so afraid of offending, so concerned about the next vote, or maybe even just concerned about getting through without staining their hands that they just don’t do anything about this war that is currently being waged on western civilization. That’s you and that’s me, you know?

Just yesterday Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri called on Muslim men in western countries to carry out more lone-wolf attacks, again, that’s you and I. He also would like to see unity between all of the Muslim factions. That’s serious. It is hard enough right to keep a sense of peace and order in the world with half of those people wanting to kill the other half. Imagine if they banded together? It’s unthinkable. Especially when so many of these so called radicals are right here. He was quoted in the above linked article as saying:

“Despite the big mistakes, if I were in Iraq or Syria I would cooperate with them in killing the crusaders and secularists and Shi’ites even though I don’t recognise the legitimacy of their state, because the matter is bigger than that”.

Can you imagine what this world would look like if this actually happened? Can you imagine further what would happen if they all played nice and Iran had a nuclear weapon? Think about it.

Racial Violence in America: #WhereDoesItEnd?

In a racially motivated attack, two Virginia reporters, Alison Parker and Adam Ward, were killed this early this morning by former colleague Vester Lee Flanagan. Both the deceased worked for WDBJ7 in Roanoke. Flanagan was terminated from the station recently. Flanagan claimed that the victims made racist remarks toward him. The details surrounding the events that led up to this tragedy are murky, at best. There have been reports of Flanagan suing a Tallahassee station for racism in 2000, and another report made against WDBJ7 that were later dismissed by the EEOC. WDBJ7 reports that Flanagan “was a difficult person for a lot of people to work with,” and that he “was asked to leave the station”.

The allegations of racism that Flanagan says he endured as part of the working environment at WDBJ7 are too far reaching to ignore. This kind powder keg violence does not happen overnight, and simply offering a pat explanation is not enough to warrant the kind of violence that exploded this morning. For Flanagan to post the shooting on social media was utterly lacking in sanity or morality and clearly shows a complete disregard for his victims or their families. So what does it mean when a person can callously kill and then post the video for the general public to view?

I believe it means that The United States of America is in a dire state and its people are reaching a boiling point. It seems that everyone has deep rooted, seemingly immovable beliefs regarding the issue of racism. Keep in mind I believe there is no justification for what Flanagan has done. I am speaking to the larger social issues that are engulfing the U.S. threatening the social fabric of that nation. No more than a very minuscule percentage of people would ever commit this type of crime, but there’s no denying that is becoming more common. Society has become incensed, divided, and mistrustful over the issue of race relations in the United States and it’s tearing the nation apart.

ABC has made public that a document was allegedly faxed to them by Flanagan detailing a motive in the shooting. Global News obtained the document that in part reads,

“Why did I do it? I put down a deposit for a gun on 6/19/15. The Church shooting in Charleston happened on 6/17/15.”

“What sent me over the top was the church shooting. And my hollow point bullets have the victims’ initials on them.”

Reports of racial violence, racial profiling, racial discrimination, and retaliation are too numerous to ignore. I am in no way condoning murder, for it is always wrong! So is #racism. #WhereDoesItEnd?
Featured Image -- 385alleged-shooter-tweets

The Significance of September 2015

China sparked a global stock market meltdown Monday that saw the world’s richest lose $182 Billion and countless investors, traders, and middle class portfolio holders left wondering what the markets will have in store for Tuesday. The general consensus at close seemed to be “Don’t Panic!…..Yet”, with CNN, of course, leading the way. I wonder how much of their placating is because they truly feel it is just a “market correction” or it’s just a lot false bravado in order to cover up the fact that the world is indeed headed for trouble. You know, I find it interesting that we are only NOW hearing about China’s slowing economy due to record valuations that came from over-priced commodities after run away growth after 2008. The big question here is why are we only hearing about China growing too fast now? I’m sure some of those financial experts must have known something would give sooner or later!

This “market correction” didn’t happen in a vacuum. I have been hearing about the stock market slide for a few days now, and even The Telegraph warned that the Doomsday Clock for a global market crash struck one minute to midnight back on August 17.

Why is this important? What sets this current economic crisis apart from the ones in 2008, or 1987 for that matter? Well, part of it has to do with timing. The following examples taken together all signify a global economic shift: the recession of 2008, the U.S. housing bubble, the bankruptcy in Iceland, the U.S. runaway debt and subsequent danger for world economy due to the devaluation of the American dollar, and the crisis in Greece/Eurozone. There is a definite and undeniable change in the world’s economy that is inexorably leading us into a darker place. It’s the truth.

Some people predict there will be a global crash that will end modern life as we know it. Some are predicting the apocalypse and some an “End of Days” scenario and most believe it all ties in with the month of September.

Whatever happens with the markets in the next few days, one thing is certain; September is important. It feels like a turning point in history. There is this weird sort of chill in the air. Something feels off and I think everyone senses it. People everywhere are linking September with the Blood Moons, Jewish Feasts and Holidays heralding the coming of the Messiah, Muslims predicting the Mahdi (their Messiah), and other happenings such as Jade Helm, CERN, and talk of an asteroid.

If all of this seems confusing for you and not just a little scary, then I have good news! We don’t have to be afraid of our world falling apart because we can put our trust in the God who made this world and holds it in His hands. Jesus made a way for us to be saved. Of our fear of this world and what may happen in it, Jesus said in John 16:33, “33 These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will[a] have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” He. Has. OVERCOME. THE WORLD! No matter what happens in September, or even later down the road.

Come what may, He has it covered, but it must be said that the time is short. I think we all feel it, Christian, non-Christian, Jewish and Muslim alike. There’s a foreboding, a straining, an eerie calm before the storm feeling to almost every aspect of life on planet earth today. There are a lot of people out there who say they have the answers. They will try to convince you that prepping is the way to go, or pushing for governmental change, or outright revolt against the establishment, but that is not the way! If you feel panic or fear at the condition of the world today then just know that the truth will set you free. What is that truth? Well, there is only one way, and one truth, and that is Jesus! He is why the coming storm should not frighten us, after all. In John 14:27-29 He said,

“27 Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. 28 You have heard Me say to you, ‘I am going away and coming back to you.’ If you loved Me, you would rejoice because I said,[a] ‘I am going to the Father,’ for My Father is greater than I.

29 “And now I have told you before it comes, that when it does come to pass, you may believe.”

I personally don’t think that CERN is going to open up a weird inter-dimensional portal, and I don’t think an asteroid or Planet X is on a collision course with earth. I don’t think aliens are coming or that Jade Helm is preparation for martial law and I don’t think HAARP is going to kill off most of the planet. I do believe that the Bible is true. I believe the words in Revelation that tell of the coming storm, the anti-Christ, cataclysmic weather, apocalyptic events, and the war of Armageddon. Bible prophesy is coming together and it seems to all be converging on September. I don’t know if Jesus will come back then, but I do know we are to be ready every moment, and preach the gospel to those who would listen. I believe Jesus is coming back and no matter what, He will prevail.

Jesus is coming, and coming soon! Be Ready!

The Confederate Flag: A Symbol of Racism and Slavery


Take a long look at this flag. It’s the flag of a long dead and defeated country. It’s the symbol of division and slavery. To say otherwise is forsaking the original intention of the Confederate States of America. To doubt that nullifies the very reason 625,000 souls perished in the Civil War.

For the Confederates Slavery was an inherent right, and protecting this “right” was even built into their Constitution. Article IV, Section (3) states:

“No slave or other person held to service or labor in any State or Territory of the Confederate States, under the laws thereof, escaping or lawfully carried into another, shall, in consequence of any law or regulation therein, be discharged from such service or labor; but shall be delivered up on claim of the party to whom such slave belongs,. or to whom such service or labor may be due.” March 11, 1861.

Indeed, the casual mention of people belonging to other people, and even referring to them as property should horrify and outrage you. By what right did these men own another human being? We take it for granted that the North won the Civil War, but in those times it was truly a cause worth dying for…on both ends.

To glorify this flag in the name of “Southern Heritage” outright refuses to acknowledge the shameful foundations upon which the CSA was founded.


I see and hear the phrase, “The South Will Rise Again” in a lot of places, but what does it mean exactly? Does it mean segregation will be enforced again? Perhaps it means that Slavery is about to make a comeback? Maybe another bloody civil war looms on the horizon? Should Black people be afraid? Just who is going to rise again? Lastly, how is this phrase, long uttered in the South, not identified as treason? Truly, it’s a divisive statement meant to undermine the legitimacy of the United States of America and it should be taken as such. I think that the First Amendment and its guarantee that citizens can assemble peaceably and petition their government somehow does not include a group that would use this phrase as a battle cry against it. Those people who are crying about Southern heritage, legacy, and history should take a careful look at what that same Southern Heritage means for the Blacks in the South. When you change the perspective that phrase suddenly takes on a whole new meaning. Both the phrase, “The South Will Rise Again” and the Confederate flag need to be laid to rest now.


You could argue that no-one was making a fuss about the Confederate flag before the massacre at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, and you would be partly right. I counter that the reason why no-one was talking about it before was because there was no “out in the open reason” to do so. That is America’s hidden shame isn’t it? The racism in the USA is never acknowledged in the open, but there’s no hiding it now. It’s shameful and sickening that the names Walter Scott and Trayvon Martin did absolutely nothing to open this subject. We could call upon other questionable incidents that happened since the Civil War, all of which did absolutely nothing to dissuade Southerners to let go of one of the most recognizable symbols of racism in a nation plagued by racial issues since its inception.

For the ones mourning in Charleston, forgiveness is an integral part of their faith, their way of life. No gunman shouting racial obscenities was ever going to change that. On Sunday, Reverend Norvel Goff was quoted saying as much at the first service held at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston since the shooting.

“A lot of people expected us to do something strange and to break out in a riot,” said Goff, the church’s interim pastor until a successor for Pinckney is chosen. “Well, they just don’t know us. We are people of faith.” Emanuel AME Church Service

It’s fitting that an act of hate was turned into an act of forgiveness  that then spurred a national awakening. The indomitable Black spirit we have seen rise again and again since the Civil War will hopefully rise higher than that Confederate flag ever will.

Dear U.S.A.

Dear USA:

I don’t live in your country, but I get your news daily. It’s pervasive, provacative, and controversial. I have visited 34 of your states. I have grown accustomed to your culture, your music, your values, and your politics. Lately though I have become increasingly concerned with the social and racial unrest in America, not to mention the inescapable evidence of steep moral degradation. Truthfully, watching your news has been like watching the freak show in a circus! From Lady Gaga’s meat dress, to the Penn State sexual abuse scandal, to Sandy Hook, to the rumours about HAARP, paranoia about Mayan Calendars in 2012, zombies, to the the disgusting persona of Miley Cyrus and the disgraceful family that is the Kardashians. Your society has degenerated into chaos and paranoia. With one horrific act Civil Rights has gone backwards past slavery years and even your children are not safe at school, yet people still want their guns at any cost. Is there a point where that cost is too great?

I digress, for this post is not supposed to be about gun control. I want to address the disturbing trend emerging in the United States that sees its criminals holding no regard for the most vulnerable or weakest among us. Have you noticed that crime is becoming more and more depraved? It seems like it is getting worse all the time. A few years ago Columbine and the Oklahoma City bombing were the worst mass murder events. Then came 9/11. Then, even worse, came the Fort Hood shooting. Was it Jihad? If it was, it certainly isn’t being admitted to, or addressed. That in itself after 9/11 is disturbing. It was soldiers, those charged with keeping the nation safe who were purposely targeted by an American citizen, a soldier himself! All that was done in order to protect terrorists on the other side of the globe! The soldiers were not weak, I’ll admit, but they were vulnerable in that they were supposed to be in a safe environment, preparing to go to war.

Then came Sandy Hook. Even now, two and a half years later it is still very difficult to comprehend and write about. How could a person look into the sad, terrified eyes of a six year old and shoot that child dead? How does one manage to raise a child capable of this sick type of crime and not know it? Or feel it? I am not blaming the parents, but I am questioning how well they knew their son. We could get all philosophical and question larger society and come up with an explanation about social media and video games, but that is not the answer. Society has broken down over time, and in many ways, and Sandy Hook is the evidence. This is by far one of the sickest, most twisted acts I have ever heard of. The children who died at Sandy Hook and the adults who died protecting them deserve more than excuses.

They also deserve more than conspiracy theories (and those who perpetuate them) to explain everything away. Worse, they use the conspiracy theories to accuse officials of inventing these tragedies. It’s like there is a mass paranoia taking hold of the country. This national delusion seems to pervade all levels of society. Take your pick of conspiracies people believe in: HAARP, Edward Snowden, NSA spying, Area 51, the supposed 9/11 cover-up, accusations the moon landing was faked, the Rothschilds are out to get us, The Illuminati, Free Masons, Holocaust denial, Nibiru (Planet X), and the most long-standing one: the JFK assassination. There are others, but time does not permit going into all of it. The main point is there is a culture of paranoia, a feeling of insecurity, a growing mistrust of both neighbour and government. It is beginning to seep through the cracks and trickle down into the psyche of the middle class. That is a dangerous place for these conspiracies to live because the middle class holds the largest sway among the American population. It’s like an entire generation fell into the X-Files and can’t get out.

All of this so-called “popular culture” permeates the minds of criminals and law abiding citizens alike. The myth plays a part in a criminal selecting a victim. Take the wildly popular Amish series’ that have come out in the past few years. There have been television programs, more than one reality series, novels, and articles. I am sure that this obsession with the Amish played a big part in two very depraved individuals selecting two young Amish girls, kidnapping them, raping them, filming a pornographic movie featuring them, and finally killing them. After hearing about this I can only come to the conclusion that society has reached the bottom of the immorality barrel. Where can you go from here? What kind of sick, mental, depraved thing can you dream up to commit after that? I honestly didn’t think it could get lower.

Then, the Charleston Shooting happened the night before last and I knew that I was wrong. The last bastion of a freedom loving nation has officially been degraded and brutalized by hate. It’s fresh, it’s raw, and it hurts because it was so heinous, so undeserved. To attack people who welcomed you into their church service as they prayed is unfathomable at this point.

Where to go America? Where to go from here? Is this the last dying breath of a morally corrupt nation, or will there be a rising from the ashes? Will hate have the last word? Will the blaming and shaming go on or will people stretch out across the racial divide and grasp hands to build a bridge? Be strong, be strong in the power of God’s might and forgive. Put aside age old hatred steeped in a dark history and come together; one nation under God! The choice is yours.

Charleston Church Shooting: Tributes Paid to ‘Kind-Hearted’ Victims

Domestic Violence Claims Another Victim? N.J. Police Officer Charged With Murder of Ex-Wife

Scrolling through my Facebook news feed I saw a story about a veteran cop who (allegedly) gunned down his ex-wife. Apparently other police officers were in the area and witnessed enough of what ensued to charge him with murder.

Off-Duty New Jersey Police Officer Charged With Murdering Ex-Wife in Front of Daughter, 7: Prosecutor

After I read the story I was too numb to do more than stare at the computer screen. I was hit hard by this tragedy. How could a person could do that to a spouse he loved for so long, and worse, in front of his own child?

Actually, I do know. I lived it for a long time. It took two or three tries to finally be free from the control, the abuse, the fear for my life. One autumn night 11 years ago this could have been me. My husband at the time was holding a rifle, hunting for me while I crept around in the bush, hoping he wouldn’t see me. I was terrified. I was helpless. He had the kids! I know that if I had answered him and come out of the bush I would not be here now. I know that God protected me. I had to pray and trust that he would not harm our children to spite me. Yes, if I had come out and faced him there was only one way that was going to end that night. I knew that as I know my name.

So to see this beautiful woman cut down before she had a chance to see her children grow, to realize all of her goals and dreams. To see her children deprived not only of a mother, but a father too, in the most brutal of ways, just breaks my heart. I pray for those children. They need so much, much more than can be given. They need their mother, and it’s just not going tobe. RIP Tamara. Some of us do not make it. I thank God that I did, and I mourn those that have not.


All Pictures are from Tamara Wilson-Seidle’s Facebook Profile:

Indians: Can YOU Tell Me Who They Are?

Indians? Who are they? Can you tell me? Can you tell me with absolute certainty where to find them? Are they the First Nations that always lived in North America or are they the Indigenous people living in India? If Columbus knew he made a mistake in calling the Native population of North America “Indians” why did the name persist? Was it out of ignorance? Pride? Or was it something else?

I propose that it was coldly calculating and deliberate. The mythological construct that persists to this day was perpetuated simply to disenfranchise an entire population and render them inconsequential. You see? It was as if they said, “You mean so little to us that we cannot even bother to call you something akin to who you are”.

The Native people were not called by a name that described where they are from or even a name that symbolized their culture because to do that would mean admitting the land was theirs. More importantly it would mean admitting the culture was an important and defining feature. It would mean that the people were relevant and their culture meaningful. You see, you cannot admit those things and then perpetrate the injustice upon the people you are not just conquering, but demeaning

The next time you refer to the Native people in Canada and the United States do not think of us as “Indians” for we are not Indian. That term not only demeans us as Native people, but it demeans the rich Indian culture as well. Call us Natives or Indigenous people.


The Problem With Moral Relativism

So this 23 year old Georgian woman takes an abortion pill and the fetus dies in hospital later on. Now she is being charged with malice murder. Here is a link to the story:

So, in other words women are only allowed to practice state sponsored killing in state approved ways? I don’t know…that just seems wrong somehow. Under the law that fetus is not a human being. Charging her with murder should not be able to proceed. In Georgia abortion after the first trimester is not allowed except in a medical facility, but since the fetus is not a human she cannot be charged with murder. I think the worst thing that she could be charged with is failing to abide by that law, but there should be no protection for a non-human. You can’t have it both ways.

The thing about moral relativism is that people who subscribe to it want it both ways.


I guess I called it! She is NOT being charged with infanticide.

Fitting for Calgary to look at Langevin Bridge name in wake of Truth and Reconciliation report

Imagine you get a letter stating your children are required by law to report to a government boarding school? What if they were tortured, abused, and forced to stay there year round, compelled to ‘earn’ a pass home? And what if the parents were made to ‘earn’ a visit with their children? The thought of this should be making you sick about now. It is one short generation ago (my parents’ generation) that this happened in! It’s not a long ago and far off atrocity! It is NOW, the effects are NOW! The trauma is NOW and has been compounded for three to five generations!!
What could ever give the Canadian government the right to do this? Would they do it to immigrants? Hell no!! No-one would have ever come here! They did it to break and subjugate. It’s disgusting and the government sponsored media sure did a great job of whitewashing the atrocities so that the larger Canadian population (You know, the decent, acceptable folk) could keep their illusions and prejudices about the savages. It goes on to this day. Why is it that nothing about reserves, mass murder, and residential schools is not taught in regular school history, and certainly not admitted to the rest of the world? I’ll tell you why: because it is NO DIFFERENT than what Hitler did to the Jews!

Issue 129, November-December 2013

This story moved me. It’s sombre, heartbreakingly honest; humanity naked and raw in a time that we cannot comprehend.

The Brandsma Review


Discerning Pope Francis I thro’ La Civiltà Catolica
A Shameful Surrender to Fine Gael’s Realpolltik

Mel Cormican
Professor James R. Lothian
Dr Joe McCarroll
Paul Fournier
Very Rev Dom Mark Kirby OSB
Joe Aston
Peadar Laighléis

And more: From the Editor’s Desk includes ‘Carmel’s fate hangs in the balance’; Letters to the Editor from Mgr Pádraig Ó Fiannachta, Eric Conway and Daphne McLeod; Hibernia Hibernici examines ‘Mary O’Rourke on Life, Politics and Education’; and Hurling Shots from
the Ditch comments on ‘The Phoenix on Archbishop Éamon Martin’, ‘Minister and Troglodytes’ and ‘Tony Flannery’s New Book’.


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Abuse: I Stayed Because My Power Was Taken

My first, and only attempt at seeking justice for the sexual assault I endured was miserable and humiliating. I was not vindicated. The trade off for the sheer torture of being put on a witness stand was seeing the person who sexually assaulted me put in jail for exactly three months. It has taken more than twenty years to garner the courage to even write the above statement.

I was eleven years old and younger than even I realized. I had a terrible year to start with as my best friend was mauled to death by a bear less than two months previously. It would get worse as my grandmother, with whom I was closer to than my parents would die less than two months afterwards. The final, and almost unbearable addition to the pile of tragedy would be the beginning of five long years of constant and unmerciful bullying from my classmates.

So, right in the middle of all this trauma was a sexual assault that would come to characterize the next twenty years of my life. I am still not really able to write exactly what happened to me, and in truth, details do not matter. What matters is that act would scar me and leave me open to being sexually assaulted THREE MORE TIMES! None of which I remotely even got any justice for whatsoever. It was the reason I stayed with an abusive husband for 14 long years.

I am shaking with rage as I write this! I am feeling sick to my stomach, and my mind is clouded like I am in a fog. Thinking clear-headed about the disgusting things that were done to me is not possible. It has to be through a dark lens. I am trying to face all the hurt and move on, if it’s possible, but how do I do that? Why should I HAVE TO? It’s not fair! It’s complete crap and if I could deal punishment out to these people I would….before you call the police on the deranged lady just know that two are already dead and two have ruined their own lives. There isn’t a lot I can do to them now. It’s just a feeling. An anger that I need to work through somehow and let go of. I have to confess the anger didn’t even come until twenty-five years later. What the living fuck? Really? Why NOW, why so long after? Now what? Well, I could forgive. Yup. I could. I don’t want to though, not right now. I will however, give it to God because I cannot deal with it at the moment.

I could give the details of the other assaults, but there is no point. They happened and the point is: I was set up for more after the first one. My power was taken from me forcefully. I had no idea. Worse still, I had no chance. There were giant holes missing in me and I carried on, unaware. Yes, I know I am slow at figuring myself out. Usually, I just bandage up the wound and move on. Here’s the thing; I survived my life by moving forward instead dwelling on fucked up nightmares that I couldn’t change. I’m second guessing here. Should I have just dealt with the pain and all that then? Could I have? Remember, it wasn’t just the sexual assault. It was sandwiched in between other events that would have been enough to devastate a person on their own.

If you’re here hoping for advice on what to do, I can’t do it. I can’t give you hope based on what happened to me. I can only tell you to lean on God. He is the ONLY REASON I have ever made it through anything and everything. Don’t sit here and give me shit about Him not caring about what I went through because it’s pointless bullshit. We live in a dark, desperate, fallen world. We made it thus, we did! He is not just up there somewhere condemning us or laughing at us. He is up there with an outstretched hand and heart just hoping we’ll take it. He is loving us even though we do not as a species deserve it. We aren’t perfect, we aren’t honest; there is no redeeming quality about any of us once you peel back the pretty layers. We are dirty sinners and that’s why all the sick and depraved acts are committed here on earth. We have fooled ourselves into thinking we are smart and civilized. We are not. One just has to visit an inner city or prison to see that. So, give it God, He can handle what you cannot. He will give you strength, and Peace if you let Him.

Anyway, I am writing this all mostly to say that if you see an abused person staying with an abuser, do not judge! Do not look down on her (or him) unless you are there with an outstretched hand willing to help them up. Who knows, maybe it will be your friendship and support that will ultimately save their life.

The President vows “Iran will not get a nuclear weapon on my watch.” That’s only 20 months. What about after? Here’s the latest details on the draft nuclear deal & its flaws.

The nuclear deal is based on statements that are “technically” the truth and wilful, outright deception.

Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog

NuclearDeal-cartoonOn April 2nd, President Obama announced “a historic understanding with Iran” which would “prevent it from obtaining a nuclear weapon.”

On April 5th, the President told Tom Friedman of the New York Times, “I’ve been very clear that Iran will not get a nuclear weapon on my watch.”

Yet in the days that followed, the President admitted that Iran’s leaders could race to The Bomb with essentially no “break out” time and with very little way the world could stop them once the deal concluded in 13 to 15 years.

Specifically, the President noted that the deal would be “purchasing” a one year “break out” period during the life of the deal, meaning it would take at least a year for Iran to enrich enough uranium to military grade and build an operational nuclear weapon from the time it made the decision to do so, if it wasn’t already cheating…

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The deal is bad. Very bad. But let’s not panic. Here’s why. (Some thoughts on the Iran deal, Passover & Easter.)

God is in control. It’s no time to panic; it’s time to pray.

Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog

iran-nuclear-graphic(Central Israel) — On Thursday evening, rather than pore over the details of the deal that the P5+1 just struck with Iran regarding its nuclear program, I took one of my sons to a wonderful Passover Seder attended by Jewish and non-Jewish friends in Kfar Shmaryahu, a suburb of Tel Aviv. Tonight, our entire family is looking forward to attending a Seder with Jewish and Arab friends near Netanya.

Please forgive me, therefore, for not writing sooner about the deal.

A few brief observations for now:

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Facebook: On Privacy and Intellectual Property

You know what is totally wrong, totally legitimate, and being done right in front of your nose, so to speak? Facebook privacy laws. WAIT! I know you think you have heard it all before, but this is important and it involves your creativity, your imagination, and even your dreams.Facebook can steal any idea you post to their site. It’s right in the privacy agreement.



I found this information out a couple of weeks ago. I was trying to get a hold of a real person to share an idea I had for Facebook, but I couldn’t find a real person. It was getting frustrating because I was constantly directed to the first page that asks you to send the idea by message. I thought that was weird so I checked the agreement, and there it was! Convenient isn’t it that they make sure there are no “humans” available to talk to, but you can leave your ideas, provided you understand, that the second you do they no longer belong to you.

On that note, I was watching “Shrek” with my daughter the other day when I noticed something weird. I have posted a couple more pictures to illustrate said weirdness:

SHREK1 Shrek3 Shrek2

So is anyone else finding it weird that the fictitious kingdom of Duloc’s logo in the film “Shrek” is pretty much the same as the logo for Facebook? It even appears to have almost the same lettering and colours! You know, back when “The Social Network” came out I watched the movie and concluded that Mark Zuckerberg was innocent of pretty much most of what the Winklevoss twins accused him of, now, who knows? All I am sure of is I will not be sharing any of my original ideas with Facebook any time soon.

Human Rights For All? Says Who?

The headlines today read exactly like what my educators cautioned the world could look like one day. That was twenty short years ago. Western civilization’s descent down the Slippery Slope did not seem possible as we debated issues like abortion, assisted suicide, and eugenics. The headlines below seemed a nightmare scenario as we, closeted in eighth grade health class, argued that abortion was clearly an accepted course of action in ending a pregnancy if the woman was raped. That’s the thing about moral relativism; once you start compromising, where does it end? Looking at the headlines below I say we are now closer morally to the rapist in those long ago classroom debates,  than we are to the victims. That is my opinion, and I am sure there are many that would bash me, crying “logical fallacy” and “ad hominem”, but really, is it? I was there at the beginning when Roe vs Wade (though passed) was still debated furiously. I was born in that small window, the aftermath of radical feminist upheaval that questioned whether or not we went too far, too fast. It was the excessive eighties when women were celebrating their hard won right to sexual freedom, abortion on demand, and freedom to compete with their husbands. I grew up hearing about “women’s lib”, but not really understanding the true scope of it, and just why women were so upset. I saw they were angry. I heard their cries and the ideology managed to creep its way into every magazine article and movie I saw in that time. In some ways I cheered the fact that women were being told they could literally reach for the stars, but at the same time I experienced first hand what growing up with two working parents felt like, and it was not that ideal. My upbringing was Christian, traditional, unwavering in issues pertaining to human rights, sanctity of life and marriage. It under-girded all I grew up to value. I was smart for my age. I knew I lived in a time of change and upheaval and I paid attention. I was able to see societies evolution through revolution with curiosity and questioning. I saw the excessive eighties give way to the nineties where social change and activism seemed to dominate society. It was an age of rights. Gay rights, human rights, right of religion; everyone clamouring for a say, a benefit. I saw men, unsure of where they belonged in society, choosing to be stay-at-home fathers, embracing their emotions, and stepping back from providing for their families. Society might have seen it as progress, but, standing in between two worlds I saw it as emasculation. I wondered even then how men would get along denying they are male?I saw a boom in single mothers, indeed, it was the age of single mothers. Television shows, rap songs, poetry, and a government that had to change policy to accommodate the growing amount of single parent households.I saw people rejecting religion in increasing numbers, convinced it was the root of all societal ill. R.E.M.’s song “Losing My Religion” was an anthem for a lot of disaffected Generation X kids that grew up in the eighties and were just sick of it all. All of the fighting, the war, the poverty, the lack of understanding. It was a conscious and unconscious decision to distance themselves from the Me Generation previous. Along comes Generation Y, the don’t know, don’t care crowd. What can you say to a generation that doesn’t even know WHY there was an abortion debate at all? How can you teach social responsibility to a generation that is being programmed to throw away an expensive iPhone every year or so? How can you instil hope in a generation that is constantly being told they have it too easy, yet they suffer more stress than their parents? The reality is they are going to acquire the most debt, need the most education, and suffer more setbacks and uncertainty than previous generations.  How can you instil moral responsibility in a generation that has been desensitized by internet videos of beheadings, constant newsfeeds about school shootings, and family murder/suicides, but have to moral standpoint to teach these things from? I understand and agree people should be free to choose what they believe in. I understand that people have different values and ideas of morality. What I cannot understand is why we are being told that the world is moving toward a unified, utopian existence where freedom and justice prevail, but the evidence speaks to the contrary? Society is degenerating. It’s clear to me. I think that acknowledging we have turned from foundational Judeo-Christian values has a lot to do with it. You don’t have to be a Christian to know that its principles were the foundation of Western Civilization. In this new, Godless society whose moral foundations are we going to build on? What will be the values that will build society? Anyway, look at the headlines below and tell me where you think society is going? Remember, I am not some out of touch old lady in a rocking chair. I am not even forty yet.  Judge Rules Mother of Six Who Has Learning Disabilities Can be Forcibly Sterilized Supreme Court strikes down assisted suicide ban Rutgers Law Prof Who Says Pedophilia Is Not A Crime The men and boys of Raqqa watched the Jordanian pilot burned Alive Doonsbury Calls Abortion Law Rape Going to Pot: Legalizing Marijuana is Another Step Towards the Erosion of Society Scientists Brace for Media Storm Around Controversial Flu Studies Hybrot: Hybrids of Living Neurons and Robots, more on this here.

Euthanasia Activists Push Starving Alzheimer’s Patients to Death

An Open Letter to Nicky Campbell

I am writing this letter to Nicky Campbell in response to the BBC programme “The Big Questions: Is The Time Coming to Lay The Holocaust to Rest?”.


They say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. I say the road back to Hell is paved with compromise. The answers to the existential questions human beings ask create a moral roadmap we follow to a desired end, in theory at least. It’s why we aspire to peace for all mankind, love for our neighbour, respect for life, and having enough food and resources for all. It sounds utopian and post-modern, but how this can all of it be achieved if we compromise our core values? Why have so many civilizations forsaken the very values we fought so hard to develop? What good comes from the ashes of our mistakes? When I was growing up in the late eighties and early nineties the term The Slippery Slope was common to describe the process by which each moral debate and subsequent moral compromise led to an ethical conundrum from which there is no backtracking or easy escape, if at all.

When historically significant events take place, they shape our common understanding, our goals, and our failures. We take lessons from them. Some examples are: The fall of the Roman Empire, The Dark Ages, European Imperialism, The French Revolution, The Civil War in America, WWI, WWII, the Holocaust, The Cold War, The Gulf War, and many other examples too numerous to mention. These events shape human history, and we like to think we are more enlightened, or somehow more civilized than our ancestors, but are we really? In searching out the answers to the existential questions we find, rather uncomfortably, and some times humbly that we are not so different from our ancestors. Civilizations build and then degenerate. What is left is a lesson that is adhered to for a time, the memory of it lasting for a few generations at best. History goes on to tell the story of the victor and leaves the moral musings to philosophers and religious leaders. The point is this: the monumental mistakes in human history always began with compromise of some kind. Compromising values, beliefs, morals, and even the safety of our fellow man. One small step at a time; each time becoming easier to compromise again, and again until you no longer recognize yourself. Greed, selfishness, hunger for power, they all contributed to each bloody encounter.

This leads me to the debate on “The Big Questions: Is the Time Coming to Lay The Holocaust to Rest?”. What strikes me about how this discussion evolved is that the abortion debate (for the disabled or otherwise, and with it the debate for Euthanasia, was at the forefront. It’s interesting because these subjects keep cropping up, intertwining themselves with the atrocities perpetrated by the Nazi’s, as well as a jumping off point in analyzing The Holocaust. Also notable is that Roe vs Wade was passed less than forty years after The Holocaust. Since then we are left to wonder if any lessons from The Holocaust were at all recalled during the entire case. We could analyse why it passed for another four decades, but that is not the point. The point is, it happened! It happened with all of the moral and ethical considerations that should have made more of a difference after all of the suffering in the twentieth century. You might say one has nothing to do with the other, but yes, it does because we are still killing the undesirables as they did in Nazi Germany. We fool ourselves by saying it is a socially accepted response to unwanted children since abortion is legal, but the truth is, the only difference is that we don’t have to physically look at it. It’s easy to participate in something that goes against your moral grain when you do not have to get your hands dirty. To put that into modern context in light of your question of “should we lay The Holocaust to rest?”, is, how far will we fall as a result of each moral compromise? Where will it end? How can we say that one person’s life is worth more than another’s? How can we stop ourselves from perpetrating another such genocide? Tom Lawson commented that recognizing other victims should not be the focus, but preventing more genocide should be. I agree that is important, but so is remembering who the victims were. I also disagree with Tom when he says “To declare The Holocaust, and to declare the genocide of the Jewish people unique is to actually make it rather less important, because in a sense it is to remove it from history…if something’s unique, it has no lessons, actually, because if it’s unique in a sense it never will in that reality never happen again. To this I say no, remembering such a massive event, one in which a civilized people could perpetrate a genocide on such a massive scale, how is remembering it going to remove it from history? History is here and now, it is the happenings of humans and their collective response to it. If you have enough people that want to commemorate the victory over such a brutal regime, then why is that such a threat? In remembering, we are taking the part of the victors. We remember what they were fighting for, that is, freedom. Freedom to exist in peace without prejudice. To me, that is the universality, the drawing point for all people.

You mention more than once how there may be a danger in focusing on the Jewish aspect of The Holocaust because it may result in a hierarchy of victims, and we may not be doing enough to recognize the suffering of other victims of genocide throughout the world. To this I reply that the importance of The Holocaust is more than just what happened! It is our perception of what happened, also our response and feelings toward it. It is intensely personal and that is why The Holocaust carries with it such a unique and heartbreaking story. It is both historical and modern in the sense that there are those who seek to annihilate Israel, and the Jews today. This is why remembering history and the atrocities played out in Nazi Germany on days like Holocaust Memorial Day is so important. It is the result of the passion of the people who suffered through it, like Iby Knill. Her response to whether or not justice should be pursued by prosecuting a ninety-three year old Auschwitz was fantastic. She asked, “As far as this guard is concerned, the question I would like to ask him is what has he done with this life since then? How has he lived? Has he done anything to redeem his action(s)? And the other question is why did he do what he did? What was it?” You see this is the crux of the whole debate! We cannot force a group of people to respect another group of people.


In order to accomplish such a feat the entire world would need to submit to an international body that would govern all nations, implementing a set of core values. An international police force that works for the common good of all mankind would need to be installed. I think we can agree that the current UN falls short of this strange Utopian/Orwellian/Autocratic world. Such a drastic change does not seem feasible given the current world political climate. So what are we left with then? Well, I believe it begins with each family teaching values like forgiveness and peace, and the sanctity of life to the next generation. It would also mean finding a common ground with those different from us and working together.

On that note Eve Garrard brought up a great point when she said, “Hatred and contempt for what the Nazis did is perfectly reasonable. It’s a perfectly appropriate response to what they did. It’s not the only available response…I think there is a case for forgiveness, but a case that’s hemmed around with a lot of qualifications” In the case of Corrie Ten Boom we see that forgiveness is possible. Her story, written as a biography in 1971, is a perfect example of how a person could suffer through the Holocaust, and lose so much, and come out of it a forgiving person who gave back after it was over! I would like to say we, human beings, should not look at other genocide differently when the real issue is a lack of compassion for our fellow man. Deeming “the other” as deserving of our respect, even in war, and acknowledging that their worth as a human being is not for us to disparage. You know, nobody is denying that a genocide happened in Rwanda, or in Syria, but there are people denying the Holocaust. Why? What is at the bottom of Holocaust denial? Hate.

Hate speech is criminal in Canada and I believe it should be everywhere. Why differentiate between Jews and other people who suffered during the Holocaust, carefully demonstrating that other groups of people suffered, but then turn around and ask why it is not a criminal act to deny that such a terrible event took place? It is wrong in this society to outwardly hate gay people and disabled people, so why then should it not be a criminal act to deny the Holocaust in the context of Jewish suffering? Holocaust Denial incites hatred and that can lead to violence, period. Let’s be honest here, the people denying the Holocaust are not doing it because they hate gays and disabled people, they are doing it because they hate Jews.Tell me, who is perpetrating acts of violence against the Jews? I’ll tell you it is both the people who deny the Holocaust and those who do not, but do celebrate it. In answer to the man who asked why Holocaust Denial is not different from passages in the Bible, well, to him I ask, why are you attempting to justify the denial of mass extermination? The Jewish faith today, and the Christian faith today are not at war with anyone. They are not proclaiming death to anyone. There are radical people, sure, but those radical people are not representative of Jews and Christians. Find a source outlining the tenets, the foundation of both of these faiths and then tell me that love is not found there? If we are to find a universal truth, barring even religion as a basis, then it is going to start with LOVE. Love, not hate, not denial, not disrespecting those different from us, and certainly not ‘my pain is worse than yours therefore that gives my hurting you a twisted justification’.

So the question I ask you is this: in light of everything written above why would you ask such a question as “Is the time coming to lay The Holocaust to rest?”. What possible motivation could there be for even positing such a question? I propose instead the question should be, “Why Should We Never Lay The Holocaust to Rest?”.


Ronda Longard

Satire: On Charlie Hebdo, Freedom of Speech, and Religion

For the past week or so we have all been inundated with images from Paris, France. First the shooting at the offices of Charlie Hebdo, and then the hostage taking at a Kosher supermarket. Seventeen people lost their lives. At first people were shocked that such a thing could happen in the western world. Then came the fear. Three long days of it. Slowly, shock and fear gave way to anger. People raged at the terrorists who committed these sick acts of violence. Rallies were held and social media was ablaze with shouts of #JeSuisCharlie and #WeAreNotAfraid.

It took a couple of days but then the Islamic world pushed back. #JeSuisAhmed was a trend on Twitter, for the terrorists killed “one of their own”, a Muslim. How could they, was the question asked? The answer came in on a white horse called “Liberal Media”. We were told again that a “Peace Loving Religion” was hijacked by extremists and that Islam is not about violence or intolerance. Somehow these “extremists” are interpreting the Quran wrong. Indeed, they don’t know their own religion as well as Liberal Media does.

To this lunacy I have a few words to say: It occurred to me a couple of days ago that the Liberal Media, in attempting to support the notion that Islam is peace loving religion, is doing more to destroy that very image than anyone else. It might even be argued that they are indirectly propagating more terror! How you say? Well, it’s simple. There have been many, many examples in the last few years of terrorists desperately trying to get a message across to the West. This message is that Jihad is being waged, and that terror is being struck in the hearts of the infidel just as the Quran instructs. The Liberal Media, bless their hearts, are thwarting them at every turn! Every time some terrorist shouts “Allahu Akbar” and kills someone that phrase is left out of most news reports. It must so frustrating to wage Jihad when those your supposed to be terrorizing will not even have the decency to be afraid! Then, to add insult to injury they call you crazy! I mean, seriously, how many times have you heard reports of a “mentally unstable individual” murdering one or more people in the news lately? How many times is it reported that the person just happens to also be a Muslim?

What can be done? Well, I’m thinking that these terrorists have been seriously pondering this dilemma and have come to only one conclusion; they must try harder! They need to send so many Jihadi’s out there that the Liberal Media has no choice but to take notice, and take them seriously. The Australian hostage taker in Sydney went so far as to acquire a Jihadist flag and hang it in the window of the Lindt Cafe. Alas, the significance of it was ignored, and the Liberal Media focused on the fact that it was not a true IS flag and therefore was of no consequence…SIGH, a good manifesto would be useful in these types of situations! All is not lost however, because even Pope Francis stood up and announced that one can “expect” such violence when insulting another’s religion. Alas, where there’s a (collective) will, there’s a way.