Canada: The Skeletons in Our Closet

A ten year old Native child is dead by suicide. Let the grim reality of that statement sink in for a moment.

In what universe and on what planet is this normal? Where is this ok? Not in Syria. Not in North Korea, nor is it acceptable in Pakistan, but apparently it is in Canada. I hear no outcry. There is overwhelming……indifference. Deafening silence from the general Canadian public regarding Native issues. I don’t blame them; how could I blame them when it has been the government and the media that taught them systematic racism from birth? It permeates every aspect of Canadian society and it’s covered over like a landfill. Putrid. Acrid. Disgusting.

I could argue all day about how this type of hopelessness and misery has taken root within Native Canadians’ hearts. I could educate you on why you grew up believing the myth that is Canadian “history”. I could enlighten you about genocide, a murky past filled with the bodies of Native children, killed intentionally, and unintentionally by those who founded “Canada” in the name of  “civilization“. I won’t. I want you to look it all up. The ugly truth of it all is hiding in plain sight. It’s available for the masses; go find it!!




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