American Civil War, Part II?

I am tired of the hate, aren’t you? More than that though, I am tired of the justification for hate put forth by so many people out there. They lay blame on others for their hate. They use wrongs against them as an excuse for their hate. They hide behind that hate like a fortress, and do not even give the other side a chance. The truth is: there is no good reason or excuse for hate. Not now, and not ever!FB Racism

What good is that gun going to do you when you are in jail? When you bury someone you love? When you have to live with the fact that you have taken a life? What good will that gun do you if you’re the one lying there with a gunshot wound, bleeding, still clutching your gun probably. Will it save you?

FB Racism 2
Pillaging, violence, destruction, madness, anger, disorder and hatred. These are not useful measures when you want to stand up and be heard. Like the old saying goes: “You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar”. RACISM2

Do you think the old time Civil Rights pioneers would be proud of you? Black Power? Really? What is that, & why power? Why not Freedom and equality? Those pioneers of Civil Rights like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr.? They stood there with a strong sense of conviction, faith, and dignity. They did not advocate violence. They did not fight hate with hate. That’s not the way. RACISM7

They would not be proud of you today, all you who shout “Black Power” and call for murder. As a matter of fact you are undoing so much of the ground they gained. You’re undoing all of the tears, the blood, and the hardship suffered for the gains made.
RACISM11As for the whites who seem to think they are more superior that everyone else: What magical quality do you possess that makes you so superior? Is it the accomplishments of your ancestors? The colour (or rather, lack of colour) in your skin? Just what is it exactly? I mean, how dare you believe you are better than I am, especially when the gene for light skin was a mutation to begin with? Is the fact that your ancestors dominated others by enslaving others, pushing them aside, resorting to genocide something to be proud of? Would that the punishment fit the crime, but it’s a bit too late for that; it’s considered in the past, yet hate continues. Disgusting groups like the Ku Klux Klan prove that it does indeed. I never understood how a group that spelled clan wrong went so far, but I digress. RACISM12

Why can’t people just put away the hate and realize that when it all comes down to the bare bones of existence and survival we are all the same? The term civilization is a myth. We are not civilized. We fight. We war. We hate. We dominate one another. That is not civilized. Cultures evolved. Technology advanced, but we are still primitive at heart. What we need to do is rise above that and stop letting the past carry on into the present. Stop teaching children hate. It’s possible.


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