Election Thoughts 

I’ve been thinking about the election and I just DON’T KNOW! Canada is famous for apathy, for wish-washy indecisiveness covered in sorry. Nowhere is that better reflected than in the lackluster choices of candidate for prime minister. The whole sorry mess brings to mind that old movie “Brewster’s Millions”. In that film Richard Pryor ran for office with the campaign slogan ‘None of the Above”. The idea was that no-one would win because all of the choices were unacceptable. Kind of like now.

While that seems like an appealing choice, it’s clearly not practical. Instead  I propose we all vote for any independent available. The longest shot. The underdog. We might not prevent one of the big three winning the election, but we can make sure there is nothing close to a majority, and to me, that seems like the safest bet thus far.


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