Terrorism: Calling a Spade a Spade

Jihad is a deadly serious thing for the Muslim. In our secular society we just cannot grasp the fervor, the fanaticism, the all-consuming dedication to a religious concept that will lead to death. In this materialistic and self-serving western culture of ours it is unthinkable that someone could believe in something that would require that kind of sacrifice. Here is the thing: we should be thinking about it. We should be pondering it and taking it very, very seriously.

Perhaps we have become too desensitized to hear the sincerity in their voices when these jihadists call for the death of people in western civilization, and if so, then why are we turning a deaf ear toward the cries of “Jihad” and “lone wolf attack?” Maybe we think it can’t or won’t happen to us, and if so, do you really believe that? Honestly? You mean to tell me that if you were faced with a fanatical person bent on killing infidels (that’s YOU), even to his own death, that you would somehow be overlooked? Spared? If you believe that you’re sadly delusional, my friend. They want to kill you, me, your mom, your college professor, and all the people at the mall. Everyone.

Take all of the recent attacks on the U.S. military and police. Do you suppose they are random? I can assure you they are not. I mean, wouldn’t it be easier to attack people on the street? Regular people like a mom pushing a baby carriage, an old man crossing a street, or a construction worker? Wouldn’t that take a lot less effort? Well, yes, but it would not serve their main objective. You might ask, “and that is?”…..Can I enlighten you as to what their real motive is?

Ok, if you attack law enforcement, those charged with keeping the peace or ensuring the citizens of a country remain safe, and if you can succeed in killing during those attacks, then two things happen. One, by attacking police and military you instill fear in the general population. That fear then undermines the authority granted those people by your government, thus undermining your governments’ authority, and your trust in that. Two, it plants fear in the members of the military (or police), then doubt, in each other, and in the safety of their surroundings. That would then weaken morale and if it continues, then it would weaken the entire system. That folks, is terrorism, and it’s working. Wake up.

Compounding the problem is politicians who are so afraid of offending, so concerned about the next vote, or maybe even just concerned about getting through without staining their hands that they just don’t do anything about this war that is currently being waged on western civilization. That’s you and that’s me, you know?

Just yesterday Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri called on Muslim men in western countries to carry out more lone-wolf attacks, again, that’s you and I. He also would like to see unity between all of the Muslim factions. That’s serious. It is hard enough right to keep a sense of peace and order in the world with half of those people wanting to kill the other half. Imagine if they banded together? It’s unthinkable. Especially when so many of these so called radicals are right here. He was quoted in the above linked article as saying:

“Despite the big mistakes, if I were in Iraq or Syria I would cooperate with them in killing the crusaders and secularists and Shi’ites even though I don’t recognise the legitimacy of their state, because the matter is bigger than that”.

Can you imagine what this world would look like if this actually happened? Can you imagine further what would happen if they all played nice and Iran had a nuclear weapon? Think about it.


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