Dear U.S.A.

Dear USA:

I don’t live in your country, but I get your news daily. It’s pervasive, provacative, and controversial. I have visited 34 of your states. I have grown accustomed to your culture, your music, your values, and your politics. Lately though I have become increasingly concerned with the social and racial unrest in America, not to mention the inescapable evidence of steep moral degradation. Truthfully, watching your news has been like watching the freak show in a circus! From Lady Gaga’s meat dress, to the Penn State sexual abuse scandal, to Sandy Hook, to the rumours about HAARP, paranoia about Mayan Calendars in 2012, zombies, to the the disgusting persona of Miley Cyrus and the disgraceful family that is the Kardashians. Your society has degenerated into chaos and paranoia. With one horrific act Civil Rights has gone backwards past slavery years and even your children are not safe at school, yet people still want their guns at any cost. Is there a point where that cost is too great?

I digress, for this post is not supposed to be about gun control. I want to address the disturbing trend emerging in the United States that sees its criminals holding no regard for the most vulnerable or weakest among us. Have you noticed that crime is becoming more and more depraved? It seems like it is getting worse all the time. A few years ago Columbine and the Oklahoma City bombing were the worst mass murder events. Then came 9/11. Then, even worse, came the Fort Hood shooting. Was it Jihad? If it was, it certainly isn’t being admitted to, or addressed. That in itself after 9/11 is disturbing. It was soldiers, those charged with keeping the nation safe who were purposely targeted by an American citizen, a soldier himself! All that was done in order to protect terrorists on the other side of the globe! The soldiers were not weak, I’ll admit, but they were vulnerable in that they were supposed to be in a safe environment, preparing to go to war.

Then came Sandy Hook. Even now, two and a half years later it is still very difficult to comprehend and write about. How could a person look into the sad, terrified eyes of a six year old and shoot that child dead? How does one manage to raise a child capable of this sick type of crime and not know it? Or feel it? I am not blaming the parents, but I am questioning how well they knew their son. We could get all philosophical and question larger society and come up with an explanation about social media and video games, but that is not the answer. Society has broken down over time, and in many ways, and Sandy Hook is the evidence. This is by far one of the sickest, most twisted acts I have ever heard of. The children who died at Sandy Hook and the adults who died protecting them deserve more than excuses.

They also deserve more than conspiracy theories (and those who perpetuate them) to explain everything away. Worse, they use the conspiracy theories to accuse officials of inventing these tragedies. It’s like there is a mass paranoia taking hold of the country. This national delusion seems to pervade all levels of society. Take your pick of conspiracies people believe in: HAARP, Edward Snowden, NSA spying, Area 51, the supposed 9/11 cover-up, accusations the moon landing was faked, the Rothschilds are out to get us, The Illuminati, Free Masons, Holocaust denial, Nibiru (Planet X), and the most long-standing one: the JFK assassination. There are others, but time does not permit going into all of it. The main point is there is a culture of paranoia, a feeling of insecurity, a growing mistrust of both neighbour and government. It is beginning to seep through the cracks and trickle down into the psyche of the middle class. That is a dangerous place for these conspiracies to live because the middle class holds the largest sway among the American population. It’s like an entire generation fell into the X-Files and can’t get out.

All of this so-called “popular culture” permeates the minds of criminals and law abiding citizens alike. The myth plays a part in a criminal selecting a victim. Take the wildly popular Amish series’ that have come out in the past few years. There have been television programs, more than one reality series, novels, and articles. I am sure that this obsession with the Amish played a big part in two very depraved individuals selecting two young Amish girls, kidnapping them, raping them, filming a pornographic movie featuring them, and finally killing them. After hearing about this I can only come to the conclusion that society has reached the bottom of the immorality barrel. Where can you go from here? What kind of sick, mental, depraved thing can you dream up to commit after that? I honestly didn’t think it could get lower.

Then, the Charleston Shooting happened the night before last and I knew that I was wrong. The last bastion of a freedom loving nation has officially been degraded and brutalized by hate. It’s fresh, it’s raw, and it hurts because it was so heinous, so undeserved. To attack people who welcomed you into their church service as they prayed is unfathomable at this point.

Where to go America? Where to go from here? Is this the last dying breath of a morally corrupt nation, or will there be a rising from the ashes? Will hate have the last word? Will the blaming and shaming go on or will people stretch out across the racial divide and grasp hands to build a bridge? Be strong, be strong in the power of God’s might and forgive. Put aside age old hatred steeped in a dark history and come together; one nation under God! The choice is yours.

Charleston Church Shooting: Tributes Paid to ‘Kind-Hearted’ Victims


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