Domestic Violence Claims Another Victim? N.J. Police Officer Charged With Murder of Ex-Wife

Scrolling through my Facebook news feed I saw a story about a veteran cop who (allegedly) gunned down his ex-wife. Apparently other police officers were in the area and witnessed enough of what ensued to charge him with murder.

Off-Duty New Jersey Police Officer Charged With Murdering Ex-Wife in Front of Daughter, 7: Prosecutor

After I read the story I was too numb to do more than stare at the computer screen. I was hit hard by this tragedy. How could a person could do that to a spouse he loved for so long, and worse, in front of his own child?

Actually, I do know. I lived it for a long time. It took two or three tries to finally be free from the control, the abuse, the fear for my life. One autumn night 11 years ago this could have been me. My husband at the time was holding a rifle, hunting for me while I crept around in the bush, hoping he wouldn’t see me. I was terrified. I was helpless. He had the kids! I know that if I had answered him and come out of the bush I would not be here now. I know that God protected me. I had to pray and trust that he would not harm our children to spite me. Yes, if I had come out and faced him there was only one way that was going to end that night. I knew that as I know my name.

So to see this beautiful woman cut down before she had a chance to see her children grow, to realize all of her goals and dreams. To see her children deprived not only of a mother, but a father too, in the most brutal of ways, just breaks my heart. I pray for those children. They need so much, much more than can be given. They need their mother, and it’s just not going tobe. RIP Tamara. Some of us do not make it. I thank God that I did, and I mourn those that have not.


All Pictures are from Tamara Wilson-Seidle’s Facebook Profile:


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