The Problem With Moral Relativism

So this 23 year old Georgian woman takes an abortion pill and the fetus dies in hospital later on. Now she is being charged with malice murder. Here is a link to the story:

So, in other words women are only allowed to practice state sponsored killing in state approved ways? I don’t know…that just seems wrong somehow. Under the law that fetus is not a human being. Charging her with murder should not be able to proceed. In Georgia abortion after the first trimester is not allowed except in a medical facility, but since the fetus is not a human she cannot be charged with murder. I think the worst thing that she could be charged with is failing to abide by that law, but there should be no protection for a non-human. You can’t have it both ways.

The thing about moral relativism is that people who subscribe to it want it both ways.


I guess I called it! She is NOT being charged with infanticide.


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