Fitting for Calgary to look at Langevin Bridge name in wake of Truth and Reconciliation report

Imagine you get a letter stating your children are required by law to report to a government boarding school? What if they were tortured, abused, and forced to stay there year round, compelled to ‘earn’ a pass home? And what if the parents were made to ‘earn’ a visit with their children? The thought of this should be making you sick about now. It is one short generation ago (my parents’ generation) that this happened in! It’s not a long ago and far off atrocity! It is NOW, the effects are NOW! The trauma is NOW and has been compounded for three to five generations!!
What could ever give the Canadian government the right to do this? Would they do it to immigrants? Hell no!! No-one would have ever come here! They did it to break and subjugate. It’s disgusting and the government sponsored media sure did a great job of whitewashing the atrocities so that the larger Canadian population (You know, the decent, acceptable folk) could keep their illusions and prejudices about the savages. It goes on to this day. Why is it that nothing about reserves, mass murder, and residential schools is not taught in regular school history, and certainly not admitted to the rest of the world? I’ll tell you why: because it is NO DIFFERENT than what Hitler did to the Jews!


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