Are Passover and the Last Supper linked? And why is today called ‘Good’ Friday anyway?

National Post

By Tristin Hopper

Both Jews and Christians are wrapped up in religious commemorations this weekend due to the sync-up of the Jewish festival of Passover and Easter, the Christian commemoration of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Of course, the two holidays often coincide – and according to biblical scholars, that’s how it went down at the very beginning.

The Last Supper – at which Jesus began the ritual of communion and pegged Judas as his betrayer – is widely believed to have been a Passover Seder, a ritual Jewish feast commemorating the Jews’ liberation from slavery in Ancient Egypt. The Biblical gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke all make reference to laying a table for passover, but the gospel of John states that Jesus was crucified on the “day of Preparation for the Passover”. If that’s the case, then the meal took place the day before Passover had…

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