Facebook: On Privacy and Intellectual Property

You know what is totally wrong, totally legitimate, and being done right in front of your nose, so to speak? Facebook privacy laws. WAIT! I know you think you have heard it all before, but this is important and it involves your creativity, your imagination, and even your dreams.Facebook can steal any idea you post to their site. It’s right in the privacy agreement.



I found this information out a couple of weeks ago. I was trying to get a hold of a real person to share an idea I had for Facebook, but I couldn’t find a real person. It was getting frustrating because I was constantly directed to the first page that asks you to send the idea by message. I thought that was weird so I checked the agreement, and there it was! Convenient isn’t it that they make sure there are no “humans” available to talk to, but you can leave your ideas, provided you understand, that the second you do they no longer belong to you.

On that note, I was watching “Shrek” with my daughter the other day when I noticed something weird. I have posted a couple more pictures to illustrate said weirdness:

SHREK1 Shrek3 Shrek2

So is anyone else finding it weird that the fictitious kingdom of Duloc’s logo in the film “Shrek” is pretty much the same as the logo for Facebook? It even appears to have almost the same lettering and colours! You know, back when “The Social Network” came out I watched the movie and concluded that Mark Zuckerberg was innocent of pretty much most of what the Winklevoss twins accused him of, now, who knows? All I am sure of is I will not be sharing any of my original ideas with Facebook any time soon.


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