Satire: On Charlie Hebdo, Freedom of Speech, and Religion

For the past week or so we have all been inundated with images from Paris, France. First the shooting at the offices of Charlie Hebdo, and then the hostage taking at a Kosher supermarket. Seventeen people lost their lives. At first people were shocked that such a thing could happen in the western world. Then came the fear. Three long days of it. Slowly, shock and fear gave way to anger. People raged at the terrorists who committed these sick acts of violence. Rallies were held and social media was ablaze with shouts of #JeSuisCharlie and #WeAreNotAfraid.

It took a couple of days but then the Islamic world pushed back. #JeSuisAhmed was a trend on Twitter, for the terrorists killed “one of their own”, a Muslim. How could they, was the question asked? The answer came in on a white horse called “Liberal Media”. We were told again that a “Peace Loving Religion” was hijacked by extremists and that Islam is not about violence or intolerance. Somehow these “extremists” are interpreting the Quran wrong. Indeed, they don’t know their own religion as well as Liberal Media does.

To this lunacy I have a few words to say: It occurred to me a couple of days ago that the Liberal Media, in attempting to support the notion that Islam is peace loving religion, is doing more to destroy that very image than anyone else. It might even be argued that they are indirectly propagating more terror! How you say? Well, it’s simple. There have been many, many examples in the last few years of terrorists desperately trying to get a message across to the West. This message is that Jihad is being waged, and that terror is being struck in the hearts of the infidel just as the Quran instructs. The Liberal Media, bless their hearts, are thwarting them at every turn! Every time some terrorist shouts “Allahu Akbar” and kills someone that phrase is left out of most news reports. It must so frustrating to wage Jihad when those your supposed to be terrorizing will not even have the decency to be afraid! Then, to add insult to injury they call you crazy! I mean, seriously, how many times have you heard reports of a “mentally unstable individual” murdering one or more people in the news lately? How many times is it reported that the person just happens to also be a Muslim?

What can be done? Well, I’m thinking that these terrorists have been seriously pondering this dilemma and have come to only one conclusion; they must try harder! They need to send so many Jihadi’s out there that the Liberal Media has no choice but to take notice, and take them seriously. The Australian hostage taker in Sydney went so far as to acquire a Jihadist flag and hang it in the window of the Lindt Cafe. Alas, the significance of it was ignored, and the Liberal Media focused on the fact that it was not a true IS flag and therefore was of no consequence…SIGH, a good manifesto would be useful in these types of situations! All is not lost however, because even Pope Francis stood up and announced that one can “expect” such violence when insulting another’s religion. Alas, where there’s a (collective) will, there’s a way.


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