Anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombing

Tuesday, April 15 marks the anniversary of The Boston Marathon Bombing.

Tensions have been running high, which is understandable given the tragic events of a year ago. Indeed, the anniversary was already a terrible enough reminder for those who lived through it without someone planting a backpack at the finish line earlier this evening. A suspect is in custody, but that is little comfort to the survivors.

I came across an awesome article yesterday by Global. It was my inspiration. It was beautiful. It told the stories of survivors who refused to let the terror of that day stop them from living, from thriving. You can find it here. There are also more stories here, here, and here. It makes me livid to have to change my post. To have to make room for more terror when there’s been enough of it already, especially when I wanted to write about hope.

You know, since we are already down the dark road of depravity and immoral behaviour I guess I will mention that not everyone marks the anniversary with a sad, but hopeful stance. Some, (and I cannot even believe these people are out there and why they think this way, trust me), refuse to believe it was an act of terror, or that it even happened at all. Truly, I cannot fathom why someone would choose to believe that their government would either make up a terror attack resulting in death, or even more astounding, refuse to believe it happened at all. With the amount of media coverage, the stories of those who perished, the survivors giving interviews, and an entire city of 630,000 people in mourning, you would hope that people would show some respect and decency. A little bit of compassion for those who lost their lives, loved ones, their limbs, their peace of mind, and even their innocence….

In anger I took snapshots of the callous and cold things they wrote in the comment section of all the articles written. I wanted people to put them in their place, to scold them, indignantly, rightly. I began this article with that intention, until I began posting the links I chose with the stories of all of the survivors, and the stories of the families of those who did not survive. I realized they did not show up in Boston on the anniversary with hate in their hearts. They showed up with courage and hope, strung together with love and friendship, so I decided not to post any links to anything those nut job conspiracy theorists have posed. I am not giving them credit for anything, even bad taste. I will choose to honour those who kept on, got up, willed themselves to go on, and became such tremendous inspirations to a lot of people , including me.



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