Idle No More!

Idle No More is a start. It is a means to an end. A vehicle we can use to take this country from a fragmented, disjointed people who are worlds apart to a unified country. Only when we accept each other, really accept each other, with everyone working towards a common goal will any real and lasting change happen. For Native people this means not waiting around for the government to recognize our worth. It means not holding our breath for a sincere apology for their misjudgment and mistreatment of us. This has only proved counterproductive and we should know by now it is not going to happen. The process of assimilation (or elimination) that began so many years ago continues today, but subtly, insidiously. They have become masters at using the media to promote suspicion and fear leading the public to mistrust and despise Native people. They are excellent at highlighting that which furthers their aim, and concealing that which would cast them in a bad light. They are masters at hiding the truth.
In order for us to counteract disastrous policy, willful ignorance, and unending indifference we need to change the way we react to it. We need to believe, stand up, go, and do. We need to encourage, uplift, and help each other. Let them sow seeds of discord and doubt. Let’s ignore that. Let’s band together. It’s not right that this type of racism exists. It’s not right that it is met with gross negligence and mass indifference. It’s too bad that ruling élite misuse and mistreat those they govern, but it is not up to them to change!! It is up to us! Put away fighting, suspicion, and jealousy among our people, for it is what they are counting on! It is what they set out to accomplish, and they sure did. A house divided against itself cannot and will not stand! We need to stand together if we are going to stand up! Stand up. Band together, and in dignity, stand!

Idle No More: Protesters gather on the Blood Reserve in Standoff Alberta. Photo by Blaire Russell, used with permission.

Photo: Blaire Russell, used with permission.


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