Whose Life is Worthy in Saving? What Society has Become.

There have been many thoughts swirling in my head since I saw the headline “Texas judge orders removal of pregnant Marlise Munoz life support”. One of the most persistent thoughts is that we are in a catalyst, by ‘we’ I mean society. It might not look like much more than a weeks long drawn out tragedy, but it is so much more. We have never been this far before, morally. The implications are much more grave than the debate about artificially prolonging life. The part of it all that frightens me the most however, is that the general public doesn’t seem to be paying attention! No-one is shouting “This is wrong! where will it end?

Where will it end? For those of you asking what I mean I am both utterly depressed and more than a little affronted. I remember being in health class at the end of the 80’s, beginning of the 90’s when abortion was still being debated. I remember people in class arguing that it was fine to have an abortion, but only if you had been raped or were very ill, but not once did anyone ever suggest that this was an option simply because you did not want the baby. My classmates were even skirting the term ‘baby’, so the term ‘fetus’ was inserted to make the procedure seem less scary to impressionable teenagers. The fact that if the fetus were allowed to remain in the womb and grow that it would exit the womb a human child was politely ignored. Where has this view led us? Well, the first thing that changed was the importance of life was diminished. Secondly, it has become painfully clear that disregarding another’s right to live has opened up new ways to kill the weak in society. Some are horrified, but most are blind. Pulled along and down that ‘Slippery Slope’. For those who can see what is happening, it is almost like pulling a thread and not believing it will make a difference until your whole sweater is ruined, then looking back and wondering how it happened. What did we do and how did it get this far?

Well, I’ll tell you how. Back in high school I was very interested in morality and politics. I paid attention to the moral arguments against abortion. My teacher posed the theory that as soon as we (society) take that step in disregarding a life in any way, then we would go down a “slippery slope”, morally. We would inexorably be compelled to go down it, and she explained that if we compromise in one area, then we will begin compromising in others as well (for those of you whose heads are spinning at my outrageous statements to kindly remember that this was over 20 years ago). She warned us that as soon as we start believing we can judge who lives and who dies that far worse and much more dangerous compromises would ensue. Pretty soon we would be aborting children based on sex and genetic testing, women would also abort their children later and later in pregnancy, and the elderly or handicapped people would also be in danger as society would crumble from the foundations outward. It seemed completely far fetched at the time, yet since I became a young adult and onward I have never forgotten those lectures and watched with horror everything that she warned us about is either happening or is currently being debated on.

Euthanasia is being called “Compassionate Homicide”. Women are aborting their children after genetic testing, and it is even being debated whether we should abort children if the sex is not as we wished. The debate about sex based abortion is not a moral one. The debate lies in the fact that if you begin calling a fetus a boy or girl, then you risk affording the fetus a chance to be called a living human being, something pro-choice proponents cannot have as it would re-open the abortion debate. Women are also aborting their children after viability (24 weeks) and indeed, in Canada there has never been legislation to limit the stage of pregnancy you can have an abortion. Elective abortions are provincially regulated and are performed between 15 and 24 weeks maximum, but they can be performed by a doctor with a good ‘reason’ much later into the third trimester, but the fact is the word reason is left open to interpretation. Now, added to that, we have a ‘debate’ going on about Post-Birth Abortion. What? Are you kidding me? It is not enough that the butcher Kermit Gosnell murdered the ones that actually survived his abortions? Now women want to kill the child after it is born too?

I wrote this piece with one aim in mind: to make you to think. Really think about how far we have come. A threshold has been crossed today. One I am certain has opened up more horrific possibilities than those examples I have cited. Have you ever walked down a long road not paying attention, lost in thought until you turn around and see how far you have gone? Were you surprised? That analogy describes exactly how little by little our morals have been compromised, left in the dust, as it were, on a road to somewhere we should never have dared to go down.


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