Why are Insurance Companies Seemingly Above the Law?

I am writing this post in hopes of finding some answers. I would like to know why insurance companies are seemingly above the law? I want to know why we (the people), by law, have to pay them, but they, by the same law, do not have to fully pay us (the people) when we claim? I want to know why I have been reduced to nothing, worse than nothing after a fire that was not my fault? After the “insurance” company was through with my claim, not only do I not have a store (income) anymore, but the process has ruined my credit. Thus, I have also lost my house and I have lost my vehicle simply because I chose to trust the insurance company. Good job Alberta Insurance Act.

I am literally worse off now than I was before I had my business. A few years before I bought the business my ex-husband left me with two children to care for. I was a stay at home mother so I had no job skills or money. After my ex husband left me I worked my way up until I bought a liquor store. This was a good business that would have stayed stable in pretty much any economy, and to prove it I even rode out former Premier Stelmach’s infamous “Sin Tax” and even survived the unfortunate mess! I was proud of that accomplishment, but sadly now, because of this broken system, I have nothing. The worst part is there is no recourse! I cannot sue them for the obvious damages they caused me, and that insult comes after the injury of the tragedy I suffered! I want to know why? Why is it that we who are afflicted by tragedy not assured that we are, in fact, insured? The Oxford Dictionary meaning of the word insurance is:

 1. a thing providing protection against a possible eventuality.

2.  an arrangement by which a company or the state undertakes to provide a guarantee of compensation for specified loss, damage, illness, or death in return for payment of a specified premium.

  The key word in the first description is “protection”; it is a basis for the second description. It has also not characterized my experience with insurance in Alberta! I did not receive any protection. Not from the broker, not from the adjuster, and certainly not from the insurance company itself. I was vaguely warned by the bank (who for obvious reasons could not exactly come right out and tell me not to trust them), but it was not enough to warn me off. Because of my trusting nature and naiveté  I was left with worse than nothing. I am not only broke, but in debt. I am not only out of a store, I am out of a house and vehicle too. I have lost faith in this broken system. Going back over what has happened to me since the fire 2+ years ago, I know without a doubt that if I had not put my faith in the insurance company and instead borrowed money to keep going that I would still have a store to this day. Is this reasonable or right? Is this justice? I think not.

It is too late to change what happened. I merely want to know why this happened, why it was allowed to happen?


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