Our Trip

I really enjoyed Nelson this year. There were 8 of us all together. There was Shane and I, my two (Chris & Becky), his two kids (Alexis & Brianna), and two extra of Chris’ friends (Nelson & Brett). We had our new holiday trailer which made camping a lot easier! We left last Friday and stayed overnight in the Wal-Mart parking lot. It was a tight fit as we could not set up any tents but we made it work. We arrived at Kokanee Creek and had a long afternoon of setting up. There was an added complication of being booked for Saturday, but not Sunday. The reservation continued for Mon and Tues, but we had to wait until Sunday morning to see if someone either left early or cancelled. Thankfully we were able to stay on Sun as well and we even got to keep the same site!
The kids had a great time. It was not too hot out, about 25, so the kids were not too hot and even went to the beach on Sun. I was feeling a little tired so I layed around camp reading mostly. I was cranky and out of sorts and it was not until the day were were leaving that I realized I was getting what would turn into a really bad cold :(, still though, who can complain about getting to lay around and read all day long? I feel bad that I was cranky though.
The boys pretty much did their own thing the whole time we were there and it was fine with me since all the girls stuck together. It would have been pure torture for a 15yr old boy to hang out with a bunch of girls for 4 days. I really thought that Alexis and Brianna would only stay a night or two since they were at our house for over two weeks, but they wanted to stay and we were happy to have them. The only downer was that we could not get a hold of Roger, Shane’s long-time friend and old bandmate until the day before we went home!! 😦 Also, he was playing a gig the night before we got there and we missed that too! Oh well, maybe we can make it over there this fall for a visit. It is not too far away, about 600km, but it takes about 8hrs to drive the B.C. roads.
All in all it was a great trip. We wanted to camp on Wed night too, but our liquor order comes in on Thursdays, and besides, the campsite was all booked for that night, so it was away we go! It was tough leaving the girls, they were so sad to see us go. The kids wanted to stay longer too, it is soooo beautiful there. Nelson is 18  now and vows to move to Nelson this fall! I am still ill and today is the first day since we got home that I felt even a tiny bit of energy. So I am going to take it easy this weekend since I am not working: I know, I know, i just had a holiday, but I am tired out from driving and this cold and I will take any chance I can get for some rest! 🙂

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