What’s Goin On

I am so utterly, completely, and totally exhausted! Last week we went to High Prairie from Sunday until Wednesday to pick up my kids and visit a little with my parents, oh and also to take kids to the rodeo! That was fun…I got to see people I have not seen in a long time. I got to see people I did not particularily want to see, and I missed out on seeing someone whom I thought I would see for sure. Oh well, there is next time.
Anyhow, we came home late Wed night. I had to make it home for my orders that come in on Thursday. Friday we took the kids to the new Harry Potter and then left to Nelson to pick up Shane’s girls on Saturday. We booked a room but they gave it away before we got there (it being the busiest weekend of the summer) so we picked up the girls Sat night and drove down the road looking for a place to stay. We got lucky in Fruitvale! Their vacancy sign was burned out so people automatically thought they were full, and we just lucked out, as they had two rooms side by side. Sunday morning we got up early and meandered our way home. We went out of the way to Warner to look at a holiday trailer we were interested in. I love it so it looks as though we are buying it! I am glad because we will have a good trailer for when we go camping in Nelson next week!  
The girls are a little weirded out as this is the first time they are really away from their mom. Alexis is 11 and Brianna is 9. I think they just need a few days to adjust. They are sure clinging to Becky! It’s kind of tough in a way, I mean, having two little girls who are around the same age….It hurts, a lot. Maybe sometime it will feel better, but right now it does not.

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