Back to reality

I had an AMAZING road trip…so thankful for my parents coming down to watch the kids for a week. We left last Saturday for Vegas. Its about an 18hr drive, but I didn’t mind because you miss a lot of scenery if you fly ~ so driving is the only way to go! We got there on Sunday night and stayed until Tuesday morning. We stayed at the Luxor. It’s shaped like a pyramid; all the rooms are around the sides and overlook the middle which is open, it’s awesome!  I was truly awed by Vegas, and I didn’t expect to be! Words just do not describe how over-do it GRAND everything is. The movies and pictures seriously do not do it justice! For one thing, you cannot even get the whole strip in one picture and the Venetian and Caesar’s Palace are just that; PALACES! Crazy, gotta go back soon….
We left on Tuesday and saw the Hoover Dam (another amazing spectacle) and drove south through the desert crossing into Arizona. Finally, after a long day, we arrived in California. That night we stopped in the desert to look at the stars…it was about 10pm and still 33 degrees out. The sun had gone down over an hour before and it was pitch black in the desert. The stars looked different in that part of the world than they do at home so we saw constellations that we just don’t see here. That night we stayed in Palm Springs and, in the morning, drove over to Corona to visit with Shane’s cousin and his family.  Then it was over to L.A., which I must admit, I was not wholly impressed with. The only thing I can really say about that city is that it does not seem to ever end. We went straight through and still took 5hrs to cross it, even at 120km/hr! We hardly explored the city as we were trying to beat the rush hour, which Shane told me is brutal.

East L.A. was actually exactly what you would expect and Shane would not take me to the hood…uhhh I kinda wanted to go, but he said theyd would probably kill us for fun because we are Canadian and they could get away with it…so, no, not a good plan!! Turned out that the only gangster’s we saw were in Vegas (from L.A.), which is odd. They pulled up beside us at a traffic light and asked us where we were from. They told us they were from L.A. and then they gave us their gang sign..I should have taken a picture! I was too chicken and I didn’t realize that it would be dangerous to actually see them in L.A.! I did get pictures of Hollywood Blvd and Sunset Strip…but it was really disappointing, not at all like the movies! It was a lot dirtier than I expected. It was really weird, from one block to the next you could see the vast difference in wealth! Beverly Hills is like a block and a half from a really scummy area and Alameda is only about two blocks from the fashion district. We could not see any mansions from the streets of Beverly Hills because they were all gated and had really high hedges, I guess to protect them from nosy people like me, lol! We didn’t get any pics of the Hollywood sign either as the city is so foggy (from the ocean) and smoggy (from the pollution). Oh well, it was an experience.
Next we went up to Santa Barbara and stopped just outside the city to watch the sun go down over the ocean from this famous beach called El Capitan. It was gorgeous! We spent the night in Ventura and in the morning we explored the beach. I am so happy we went back to the beach because we got to see a pod of Dolphins before we left! I did not get pictures of that morning because we wanted to keep it for ourselves.   From there we slowly made our way back to Vegas through vineyard country and then through the desert, up to Baker, and then back to Vegas for one more night. We stayed at Harrah’s and I was amazed at the beauty of that hotel as well. Everything was marble, very expensive looking. We cruised the strip one more time and had our supper at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville. Haha, of course I had to buy the $15 drink with the keepsake glass (for my store, lol) and we listened to a really good band whose name I do not know.
The rest of the trip was uneventful…we left Vegas around noon and drove straight through to Dillon, Montana. We really should have stopped sooner because by the time we got to the border we were so cranky and tired. I think I am still recovering from over a week of driving…but it was AWESOME and I would do it again! I still have not uploaded pics because they are stuck on Shane’s laptop and I need a disk to transfer them to the office computer. Anyway, that was my surreal, amazing week and now it’s "Back to Reality" haha, for now at least!

2 thoughts on “Back to reality

  1. So much thanks to my honey for all his long truck hauls through the states, he knew just where to take me! Awww, we did not get to see the dunes by Yuma or the Redwood National Park….nextime!


  2. I *forgot* to mention that we literally "bumped" into one the cast members of CSI on the street in Vegas! Shane grabbed him by the shoulders and said "excuse me" and didn\’t even realize it! We kept walking and he stayed behind us even though we were walking really slowly…until he finally ducked into a casino.


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