well, well, well

I thank God that He watches out for me even when I am not aware of a potential threat. I am grateful. I recently encountered  a person who wanted to destroy my family. She tried to have my children taken from me. All because she wanted control of a situation.
Standing your ground when someone tries to coerce or manipulate you is the only way to escape the situation. It has taken me a long time to realize that when you fight back you are empowering that person, whether it be pysically or mentally. Knowing when to walk away is the only thing that will allow you to live free of control, manipulation, and threats. If even if it is not possible to walk away physically, you can still choose how you will respond. In due time, others will find out your true character anyhow, so it is not advisable to run around trying to convince people that you are right and that person is wrong. It does not matter what others think anyhow. Sure, you may become today’s news, but tomorrow it will be someone else’s turn, and besides, people do not really care that much to begin with! They have their own lives to deal with and their own problems to be that concerned about your life. Bottom line: You control you and no-one else. Think about it.

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