Death….what an ugly word. What is death? Obviously it means the cessation of life, but what else? I think it also means the death of a relationship with the person who died. Suddenly you cannot interact with that person anymore and all you have are memories and memories do not do a person any good. You cannot interact with a memory. You cannot tell a memory about a triumph in your life. You cannot tell a memory about a really bad day you just had. You cannot enjoy the companionship of a memory. So I guess it can also be considered a death within yourself. Some part of you that only that person shared must also die. Since people are different you cannot expect anyone else to take that person’s place, even if it is a husband or wife…and even if you find someone else, the new person is still SOMEONE ELSE!!
I am fixated. I am stuck. I want to move, but I am afraid. I. Cannot. Let. Go. For. If. I. Do….I will have accepted that they really did Die!!

One thought on “Death

  1. And Its just easier to think that I am the one who went away. And just sort of forget that even if I go back, they will not be there. But, of course, in unguarded moments such as this, I remember.


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