Shane and I have been together for two years already and I am more in love with him than ever!!  I think I may have finally moved past some of the issues that have been haunting us this past two years. We have been sorting out where our kids fit into each other’s lives and choosing to bury our past relationships. We have been learning about each other…what our bad habits are, the secrets we keep, and sharing details about our lives before we met. We have also found the direction in which we want to go and a common dream. He makes me happy and he is my best friend. That counts for everything, I think. We are attracted to each other, no doubt, but it is more than that….we enjoy companionship too.
Our vaction to Nelson this year was good…we got to spend some time camping and getting to know Shane’s two girls that live there. We were rained out on Wednesday so we took a room at a beautiful little motel called the Kokanee Springs Resort in Six Mile. Very scenic, and they even offered breakfast. I do not feel like I have had enough of a vacation but, such is life. One must work to make a living… now its back to work.

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