A Year Later

Well, Shane and I made it through the first year! We have managed to stay together through a lot of unexpected events…..of course what would life be without trouble?? There has been drug allegations, conspiricies among family members, prejudice, throw in a mental institution visit, a revealing drunk episode, an internet hate group that could rival the KKK, and long lost children found….just when I arrive!! Not bad for moving to a small town with no crime eh?? **LOL** To think I gotta outta HP for this! I guess trouble follows me wherever I go……at least it keeps life interesting. I have never been known to do things the easy way anyhow. I would never trade this for anything! Shane is the only man I love & could ever feel this passionate about.
So congrats to me and Shane…..here’s to the rest of our lives, come whatever else may!!

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